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Visiting Pinehurst Resort

This year for Rue-La-Palooza I decided to make my birthday trip all about relaxation. Enter Pinehurst Resort, a luxury golf resort located in the beautiful state of North Carolina. With its full spa, fanciful chefs and historic lodging, Pinehurst Resort covers every detail to ensure your every need is met. Keep reading to find out more about this fabulous spa and golf resort.

*This is a non-sponsored post

Okay, I know that I owe you all A LOT of post. From New York, to Miami, New Orleans, and St. Lucia. I have been to so many locales that I want to share with all of you, and I promise I will get them posted soon.

But I would be remiss if I let birthday month end without sharing the details of my incredibly relaxing birthday trip to Pinehurst Resort, in Pinehurst, NC.

First of all, who even knew that Pinehurst, NC was a thing? Not I. But I must say, this quaint little village located just 2 hours east of Charlotte, is one of North Carolinas best kept secrets.

Every year on my birthday I like to have some type of spa experience. Once I found out Pinehurst Resort existed, I said, “say less” that’s where I’m spending my birthday… One of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Upon arrival I was instantly in love and spending time here was like being in a beautiful dream.

Let me tell you, if you have not spent a birthday at Pinehurst, do yourself that favor by doing so.

Not only do they treat you like royalty (I believe this is the case even if it’s not your birthday) but when it’s your birthday they surprise you with things! And we all know I just love surprises, so I was mega impressed.

But it wasn’t just the gifts that made me feel special. At Pinehurst Resort they know how to make your experience unique and special and when it comes to the way they do things.

At Pinehurst Resort “the darling is in the details” - Rue Hite

And details are what they specialize in.

The staff here is top tier! Whether it’s Trina at front desk, Tim on the shuttle or Eli at the Carolina House, the staff is what distinguishes this place from other resorts I’ve stayed at.

Everyone is so friendly and their number one goal is to ensure that you are comfortable and enjoy your time while at the resort. The team here is so amazing that they feel more like friends than “the staff” and it even feels icky calling them that. Speaking of which when you go tell Ms. Cathy and Gena Rue says, “Hello!”

The village of Pinehurst, NC is known as the “Home of American Golf” and Pinehurst Resort has hosted the United States Open Championship for several years. Some of the most celebrated courses in the world can be found here and with over 11 courses, each designed for its own unique experience, if you’re there for the golf, you definitely won't get bored.

Although Pinehurst is “all about the golf community” the good news is, even if you don’t golf there are tons of things to do there. This makes it the perfect escape for couples, guy getaways, girls-trips or group events.

So, what can one expect during their experience? I went with the Spa, Bed and Breakfast package, which included a 50-minute spa service for every night you spend at the resort and breakfast every morning.

For breakfast there is the option of a small grab-and-go breakfast at one of their coffee shops located in each of the hotel or an exquisite breakfast buffet at the Carolina Dining Room located in the Carolina Hotel, one of the 6 accommodations you will find on the resort.

Booking your trip

Before we get into the deets of the trip, here are a few booking tips I’d like to share with you:

Call to book your experience - Call me old fashioned, but when you call to book your trip they are more than happy to talk you through your reservation and help you plan every detail of your trip. (As a planner, I love this!)

Ask for packages – Resorts always have packages, and they are always more cost efficient than booking a-la-cart.

Book Early – my trip was booked months in advance, and I got the last of the spa appointments available that weekend. There were people who wanted to book a spa appointment that day but simply couldn't because it was swamped. You'll also want to book during the off season for better pricing.

If possible, skip the spa on Saturday for some shopping - On Saturdays the spa is packed with people and I think it takes away from the experience. Lucky for me the spa was fully booked when my trip was planned so I didn’t have to deal with a big crowd.

Olive oil shopping in Pinehurst Village

The Experience

In efforts to organize all of the greatness they offer, I have organized this post with the following topics: Lodging, Restaurants, The Spa, The Village and Southern Pines, a cute little town about 10 mins for Pinehurst.


The resort has 6 different accommodations for guests to choose from most of which are newly remodeled and all of which are absolutely stunning in look and feel.

Giving both modern and historic moods, each of the lodging spaces are beautifully styled and intricately decorated.

I had the pleasure of staying at The Manor, a pretty, historic hotel that was built in 1923 but was recently remodeled and is absolutely beautiful and the rooms are gorgeous, cozy, and very spacious!

I LOVE a huge hotel room and this one delivered. The bathroom was very modern as well and was filled with The Spa at Pinehurst’s signature soaps and body lotions.

In addition to the deluxe-sized rooms, the boutique guesthouse has four floors and includes a meeting room and a library. The Market, a cute little coffee shop is located in the lobby and has fresh coffee, pastries and local beers available for purchase.

Just on the other side of The Market is their signature cocktail bar, North South Bar, where travelers and locals mingle and socialize starting in the early evening going late into the night. This bar comes to LIFE at night, so you could choose to stay in or hop on the shuttle to go some of the other bars located on the resort.

There is also a sunroom, a lazy front porch and an outdoor deck and patio equipped with two firepits that is perfect for cocktails and conversations.

While there, they'll encourage you to visit the other hotels on the property and restaurants are located in the hotels across the resort. I was too busy relaxing and shopping to hit all of the hotels, but it just gives me more places to explore on my next trip there.

Carolina Hotel

The Magnolia Inn

The Spa

Aaaahhh the spa. When I tell you that this place is AMAZING… I mean it! This spa is fully equipped with all the amenities a gal could ask for. There were so many highlights I don’t know where to begin.

I arrived early to check into the spa and once I gave them my name the sweet dolls at the front desk said “Oh, hi Rue, we’ve been waiting for you. Happy Birthday!” and pulled out a birthday gift for me. I was absolutely shocked. What a way to make a first impression at a place.

And things just got better and better from there. Ms. Josie and the other sweet ladies in the lounge area make sure that you’re well taken care of throughout your spa experience. While you’re relaxing or waiting on your service, they come around with fresh smoothies for you to indulge in.

As I mentioned earlier, I received 3 different services, two massages (back-to-back days, a first) and a full body scrub on my last day at the resort. My second massage was done by Sam and it was unforgettable.

In addition to the services this spa has a lap pool, two whirlpools, a dry sauna and a steam room. Lounge areas for both men and women can be found on either sides of the lap pool. This place is so well thought out and one of the best spas I've ever had the pleasure of visiting.

The Restaurants

The restaurants were to LIVE for! Although it’s hard to choose, I’d have to say my favorite was the Carolina Dining Room, home of the Mile High Key Lime Pie.

This is where the breakfast buffet is served which is an immaculate spread with an omelet (bar of course), and a pianist playing on a baby grand piano while I enjoyed a leisurely breakfast before my next spa day. The chefs there take pride in their menu and the quality of their food.

This is also where I had the pleasure of having dinner on my actual birthday. I had a four-course meal followed by a surprise birthday cupcake and my very own vocally trained singers who came to the table to sing happy birthday to me. This beautiful white tablecloth dining room took my experience to the next level and is a must.

Other places I dined at while at the resort:

Pinehurst Brewery (Located about a 2-minute walk from The Manor)

The Villaggio Ristorante (Located inside the Magnolia Inn)

To view all the restaurants found on the resort by visiting this page.

The Village

I have to give mention to the cute little Village on the resort. The Magnolia Inn is located in the village along with a wine shop, a bakery and lots of other little shops with clothes and souvenirs. I also stumbled upon The Pinehurst Olive Oil Co. where I stocked up on high-quality olive oils and vinegars. The women who work there were so helpful and have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to olive oil.

Southern Pines

Last but definitely not least there is a cute little town about 10 minutes from the resort that is a must visit if you're in Pinehurst. Their little bustling downtown area is filled with visitors and locals. Pop over for coffee, drop into a bookstore, or catch a show at their local theater. This old-timey downtown area is too cute to miss if you're at Pinehurst.

I fell in love with a small coffee shop there. In it they sell much more that coffee. Not only did it have a very welcoming atmosphere, they also sold handmade items from local vendors. And everyone knows I love handmade items and shopping small.

I was lucky enough to be there on the weekend during the Painted Ponies Art Walk featuring 14 painted ponies sprinkled throughout the historic downtown area.

If I had to rate this birthday experience, I’d give it a resounding 10 and I can’t wait to visit this place again. I highly suggest you visit. Safe to say that Pinehurst Resort is "Rue Approved".

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