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10 Ways to Celebrate Your Birthday During Quarantine

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

Here we are, nearly 2 whole months into 2021 and we're all trying to stay safe and sane. Well, I just celebrated another year of LIFE during my very first, and hopefully last, quarantine-birthday. Needless to say it was EPIC!

Sure, it wasn't the week-long trip to an all inclusive resort in Saint Lucia that I had to cancel 3-weeks prior to my big day due to "the Rona," but, it was absolutely phenomenal and I loved every second of my birthday shenanigans.

Let's be honest, after the year we had in 2020 we are all blessed to be here! With that being said, there is no better reason to celebrate your birthday to the fullest this year. Below, I've compiled of list of 10 ways I celebrated my birthday this year in order to give you some ideas on how to enjoy your birthday in 2021 and beyond. Check out my list and feel free to use some, if not all, of these fun ways to celebrate your solar return.

Disclaimer: First and foremost remember we are still in a pandemic. Please practice all safety precautions, as I did, while living your best birthday-life.

So without further ado, keep reading to explore 10 Ways I, the Queen of Extra, celebrated my birthday during a global pandemic!

1. Write a Gratitude List

I practice gratitude on a daily. For me it is one of the keys to happiness and abundance in all forms. Most days I state what I am grateful for audibly. On February 10, 2021, I actually sat down with intention and wrote a list.

Being grateful allows us to reflect on all of beautiful things that we've been blessed with. Trust me, once you get started it will be easy to produce a bountiful list of things that you are grateful for. Family, friends, love, being gainfully employed, stimulus checks... listen, the list is endless.

Gratitude is one of the keys to happiness and abundance in all forms.

I'll let you in on one of the secrets and coolest things about practicing gratitude; the more you are grateful for, the more reasons you will have to be grateful. It's like an endless cycle boo. So start today, do it daily and on your birthday (as well as any other day) write it down!

2. Launch a Blog

Or some other special project you've been putting off!

My friends and co-workers have been pushing me to start a blog for years now so this year I said, "what the hell" and just did it!

With stay-at-home orders we have more time than ever before on our hands for passion projects. 2021 may be the year that changes your life. Don't wait another second. Whatever your passion project is, a business, baking, underwater basket-weaving, WHATEVER it is, start working on it now and launch it during your birthday month! It will definitely make the year more memorable for you!

My brother started a business call BlazeBags! Be sure to check it out. It's such a cool concept!

3. Take a 1-Week Vacation from Work

Yep! Even though my vacation to Saint Lucia was canceled, I stuck with the plan of having a week off from work. Let's be honest, with COVID trolling our lives most of us have started working much more!

Whether you're working from home or not, I'm sure everyone's workload has increased. For me, taking time off from work for self-care, rejuvenation, and of course a spa day, was an absolute must during birthday month.

Taking time off for self-reflection and revitalization is a must to keep your energy and mental health on point!

If you can't take a week, try a long weekend. Any amount of time you can afford to take from work will be a fantastic birthday treat.

4. Bake a Birthday Cake... or 2!

So, this year, I baked and decorated my very own "designer birthday cake" (and yes, that is a real bottle of champagne).

Hey, we're in a pandemic, we might as well use the extra time to explore new hobbies and make beautiful things. I was going to make 2 cakes, but ended up only baking one because I "extra-ed out" in some other way, shape or form. But think about it, how awesome would it have been to have TWO BIRTHDAY CAKES!?!? I just think it'd be cool. Maybe next year.

5. Host an Afternoon Tea Birthday Party

Now that we have been home for a while, virtual parties are becoming the go-to for celebration. This year I hosted a COVID-safe Afternoon Tea Party with friends in my COVID-bubble but you can also do so in a virtual setting. Don't worry, I will write a full blog post on How to Plan the Perfect Afternoon Tea, and later this week I will post How to Host an Epic Virtual Party so be sure to check back. In the meantime, imagine how awesome sipping tea and champagne with your faves could be on a cute little tea set like mine!

6. Decorate your Beauty Lounge with a balloon arch!

Yes, I have a Beauty Lounge and YES, I decorated it with a balloon garland arch. Ever since making my first balloon arch for mom's virtual birthday party last year, I have become obsessed with balloon garland arches. I watched a few videos on YouTube to learn how to make them and I ordered the kits from Amazon. They are a lot less intimidating to make than they look. Don't be turned off by trying something new. After all, it is your birthday!

7. Spend a Few Days at the Biltmore Estate

After we had to cancel Saint Lucia, I still wanted to spend my special day somewhere fabulous (in true Rue fashion). The Biltmore Estate, America's largest home, is the most visited winery in the U.S. and the opulence is out of this world!

Opulence + wine = my "happy place" - Rue Hite

This was my first time to the Biltmore but definitely won't be my last. The Biltmore as well as other luxury resorts I have visited since this crazy pandemic has started are very COVID safe and have all, if not more, precautions in place. Be sure to check all safety guidelines prior to your visit be prepared to follow them to the letter.

Is there somewhere "local" you have put off visiting? Now is the perfect time to take a road trip to an amazing destination. Road tripping saves you from getting on a plane or having to take multiple COVID tests to get in and out of the country. It also allows you to do something new while also supporting local businesses. It's a win-win.

8. Buy Yourself Something Special

I don't typically buy a lot of big ticket items, but this year I decided to buy myself something special. I love to cook and although I have been putting off purchasing things for my already inundated kitchen, I decided to purchase a new dinnerware set for my birthday. It's beautiful, it's something I'll use everyday and it makes me smile every time I see them. Long story short, I'm in love!!

Don't be afraid to splurge on yourself for your birthday this year. We are saving in a lot of ways since stay at home orders went into place. This year, think about spending a little sumn-sumn extra on yourself.

9. Donate Gently Used Items in Your Home

There's no better way to start your new year than by decluttering and blessing others with quality items. I started 2021 off by cleaning out closets and gathering items that no longer serve me. By the time February got here, I was able to take clothes to a local shelter to donate to women who were in need of new clothes both professional an casual.

10. Treat Yourself to a Spa Day

For me, no birthday is complete without a trip to the spa. Last year I got the best massage I've ever had at a spa located at The Steenberg Winery in Cape Town, South Africa. For the past several years before that I have indulged at the spa at The Ritz Carlton, Charlotte (which I love and do annually when I spend my birthday locally). This year, it was of course, The Spa at the Biltmore. Not to worry, I'll be doing a full post on day spas for sure. But in the meantime, be sure to pamper yourself for your birthday. It's been a year and quite frankly, you've earned it!

Welp, there you have it 10 ways I celebrated my 2021 birthday month. I hope this post sparks your imagination and gets you excited about your big day. In fact, we're approaching the 1-year anniversary of the nation-wide lock-down and I was lucky enough to celebrate last year's birthday in South Africa one month prior to the shut down so technically I'm a quarantine-birthday rookie! Go to the comments to tell me how you celebrated your big day in 2020 during the pandemic or how you plan to celebrate this year! Can't wait to hear all of your good stories!

xoxo - Rue

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