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Vino is the Spanish word for wine.
Whether it's booking a whirlwind trip to Europe or hosting an enchanting event, approximately 85% of my greatest ideas come to me after a nice glass of wine. With that being said, I decided to name this blog since it is the central hub for sharing the aftermath of my most epic ideas! 

Hi, I'm Rue Hite, and welcome to The Vino Chronicles, my guide to help you live your absolute best life! Here I share with you a glimpse of my world where LIFE is a bucket list, which is why I don't have one. I'm a self-proclaimed socialite and in my mind, anything is possible. is where I hope to inspire everyone to Live an amazing life, Sip on the finest of everything, and Pamper yourselves with tender self-love and care because that's what life is all about.

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About Me

"Rue, you  should start a travel blog."

"Rue, I need you to start a TikTok and do makeup tutorials."

"Rue, can you share that recipe with me?"

"Rue, what was the name of that restaurant you mentioned the other day?"

Hi, I'm Rue Hite, and as you can see, I do a little bit of everything.  As a result, I have created this blog as a central resting place for "all things Rue." To be honest this blog is for a little bit of everyone; the traveler, the foodie, cosmetics junkies and wine enthusiasts alike. I know, I know, blogs should have a theme or specific focus, but not this blog. I just can't do it, this blog will be "all over the place" much like myself and that's okay, because that means we can just call it a lifestyle blog! Come one, come all.


Because my friends know how my life works, they often reach out to me for recommendations, and I am always happy to share. will be a place where I can send people to get more information on an experience, product or service that I have had.



I am a self-proclaimed "sophisticated socialite" who is a lover of all things beautiful and entertaining.  This includes beautiful people, experiences, food, and beverages. Pretty much, if there is fun involved, you can count me in! 


A very curious soul, I was bit by the exploration bug at the tender age of 18 when I crossed the country, solo, from Southern California to South Carolina to attend college.  Little did I know, that bold move would enable me to be the first person in my family to earn a degree and sparked my passion to travel the U.S. and eventually the world! Learning about new cultures, meeting people and trying both the glamourous, and not so glamorous experiences in life, is what I specialize in. I have lived in 5 states and each of these places have had a profound impact on my life. Each were integral to the content and creation of this blog.  I am grateful for every experience because it has made me who I am today and allows me to share my experiences with the world and inspires others with different ways to enjoy life!

For more about me visit the About Me section of my site.

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