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The Inn at Sonoma, A Four Sisters Inn

Much like wineries, Sonoma is filled with tons of places to stay. One thing I pride myself on when traveling is choosing comfortable and inviting accommodations. Let's keep it real, where you stay while traveling can make or break your trip. Keep reading to find out about this cozy inn we stayed at on our first night in Sonoma.


While in “wine country” mom and I got to stay in two super nice hotels.

To provide a little background – one of the reasons I love traveling is because I absolutely adore staying in hotels! Being in a different living environment from my regular home has always given me a feeling of adventure. It's something about the unique amenities and offerings, cable tv (which I don't subscribe to at home) and of course room service and daily maid services that just makes my world go 'round!

During this trip we were lucky enough to get two different lodging experiences and I have to be honest, it’s hard to say which one I enjoyed most. Each hotel had a different feel and between the both of them, I can honestly say that we got the full wine-country experience.

Inn at Sonoma, A Four Sisters Inn

I just so happen to luck up on finding this place. We were actually going to spend our first night in San Francisco, but our hotel canceled on us due to Covid (which is still very odd to me considering the timing of our trip) so I had to find a hotel sort of last minute, enter Inn at Sonoma.


The word “charming” is best suited to describe this inn. When we pulled in I was absolutely in love with the cozy and homey vibe this place put off. Its a small and intimate hotel with only 19 guestrooms in the main building. It also offers 8 guestrooms in the Vintners Cottage which is just a few steps away.


This place offered so much value for the cost. First of all, parking was free... Can I get a hello?? Parking was also easy, and I like easy. We simply just pulled in and parked, no extra, no fuss. Upon entering we were then greeted by a young lady at the front desk who informed us that we would be receiving a complementary wine and cheese mini-picnic for each night we stayed. Included in the picnic was two glasses of wines, an assortment of fine cheeses and cookies which were freshly baked on site. (I know, I was like… somebody pinch me!)


While checking in, she also let us know that breakfast was included and gave us the menu to make our food selections and delivery time for the next morning. Now let me tell you, this wasn’t a skimpy little breakfast. It was more than enough to get the day started. I love staying a hotels where breakfast is included. It pretty much saves you $25 per day, per person at minimum which can add up to hundreds of dollars depending on how long the trip is. I always use this as a way to save money when I travel!


Once we got into our room, that’s when I really fell in love! The room was spacious and beautiful and had a fireplace (which is one of the reasons I chose to stay here)! I am a true sucker for a hotel room with a fireplace. The first thing I did was turned it on to set a relaxing mood for the room.

To my surprise, I found a note addressed to us that welcomed us to the hotel and detailed everything they offered which was included in our stay. One of the things that I thought was super cute about this pet-friendly place is they allow their guests to borrow bikes. Biking around Sonoma is very popular and one of the best ways to get around and see the city. Borrowing a bike at this place is included in your stay which is awesome because renting a bike in Sonoma can cost upwards of $40+ per day. Again, an added value to choosing this place.


We were lucky to score pristine weather while here, so I took my wine, cheese and fresh baked cookie right to the patio where I soaked in the evening atmosphere, read a good book and stared at the stars until about midnight while I sipped the night away.

One more thing about this place, because we ended up spending most of our time in Sonoma, I wish we would have stayed here for the majority of our trip. The inn is conveniently located to so many cool places. It's about 5 mins from downtown Sonoma where you’ll find popular restaurants like the girl & the fig (an absolute must while in wine country) and Depot Hotel Restaurant, another spot I highly recommend. Roger Roessler Wines is right next door to the inn and a cute little store called Broadway Market which sells wine, groceries and prepared foods is right down the street in case you want to stock the room up with some goodies.


Listen, I’m totally a vibe girl and Sonoma is so “vibey.” Downtown Sonoma had me when I saw the “Caution, Adults at Play” street sign with an image of a wine glass on it; truly my kind of place. So if you’re heading to Sonoma, I totally urge you to give this hotel a try if you like quaint, cozy and convenience!

Be sure to check in next week. I'll be sharing the deets on the other hotel we stayed in while in Napa. Have you been to Sonoma? If so where did you stay? Let me know in comments 😊

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