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Charmed by BoxyCharm - 5 Reason to subscribe to BoxyCharm

Are you thinking about starting a BoxyCharm subscription? Listed below are 5 things that I am absolutely charmed by with BoxyCharm.

Let me start by saying, this post is not a sponsored post meaning, I was not compensated by BoxyCharm to write it. I just like, really, love BoxyCharm and thought I would share my favorite things about it in case any of my readers were thinking of subscribing.

A little background

After subscribing to a different service for a little over 8 months I found myself in a cosmetic dilemma. I didn't see the benefit of a subscription where I received sample-sized products and I definitely didn't need a new cosmetic bag every month. So, after careful consideration, I canceled that subscription.

A month later I signed up for BoxyCharm's base box and I have been a loyal Charmer, as we are referred to, ever since! The base box is $25 per month and includes at least $125 worth of full-sized products.

If I had to use one word to describe this subscription it would be "gratifying." Even though they send a heads-up email every month prior to my shipment, I am somehow always surprised when I open my door after a long day's work and there's a box full of beauty goodies sitting on my porch. Aaahh, simply magical.

There is something about BoxyCharm that just feels good! Every month that I receive my delivery I am filled with an undeniable joy. If you're debating on whether or not you should go with BoxyCharm here are my top 5 reasons you should subscribe.

1. You get 5 full-sized products for the small fee of $25

When it comes to perfumes, samples are great. They give you a bit of time to try a fragrance and determine whether or not it is a good fit for you. Makeup and skincare are an entirely different story.

This is what makes BoxyCharm so awesome. Inside each box you get a mix of 5 full-size cosmetic products to try on your skin for an extended period of time.

Most beauty counters and cosmetic lines don't have the ability to sample out products like eyeshadows and concealers. Those are the items you need to try over time to see if they are a good fit.

Otherwise you could end up stuck with tons of product that you paid full-price for but that you don't actually like.

I discovered Dose Of Colors Meet Your Hue Concealer ($24 value) via BoxyCharm. I had seen the brand a million times but I would have never thought to purchase it just to "try out." Not for $24 I wouldn't have. Well it turns out that it is now my absolute favorite concealer and thanks to BC, Dose Of Colors has a new loyal customer. I may even try their foundation and other products within their line in the future.

Also, the value of the contents makes the subscription worth it. I once received a box with $178 worth of products! The best part is, every box has at least one item that I fall in love with each month and each item is usually valued at $20 or more. So even if your favorite product in the box costs the least amount of money, you're getting the rest of the products for $5.

2. There's skincare and makeup in every box.

Each box is fill with a delicate balanced of skincare and makeup which gives each charmer the proper tools for a fabulous finish! It is truly the best of both worlds.

Good skincare is a must. It is the proper foundation for any beauty plan and we should take good care of our skin prior to applying makeup. This includes a cleanser, a quality moisturizer, eye cream and a serum that suits your skincare needs and concerns.

Proper skincare is the cornerstone of any beauty regimen. The healthier your skin looks and feels, the more flawless your makeup will be.

With your base box you will be introduced to skincare lines you would have never heard of unless it showed up on your doorstep. Well thanks to BC that's exactly what happens. With this box you will receive some high dollar skincare products at a very low cost.

Good skin health is not something that should be ignored. BoxyCharm keeps your options flowing.

3. You get to try before you buy.

Let's be honest, purchasing makeup and skincare can get really expensive, really fast. A simple trip to a makeup counter can cost upwards of $300 per visit. Trust me, I know!

With BoxyCharm if you like something, you keep it, if not you can gift it to your bestie and it will remind her why you're her absolute favorite person in the world.

If you do not already have a skincare line you are loyal to, this is another great way to experience full-sized products prior to purchasing. This is important because you often need to use a product for at least 4-6 weeks to see its full benefits. A sample size just ain't gonna cut it.

And because of the price, you are saving yourself the heavy investments of paying at least $36 for a quality moisturizer that may or may not be right for you. By trying the full-size product, you will know whether or not it is something you would like to purchase in the future and add to you regimen. It is a total win-win situation.

4. No pressure to purchase

We've all been there before...walking through the perfume aisle of your favorite department store simply trying to get to Auntie Anne's Pretzel Shop. The whole way through we are being accosted by beautiful sales women and men offering us a "sample" of this or a "sniff" of that. Makeup and skincare associates can put the pressure on when necessary. And who can blame them, it is their job after all.

However, sometimes its nice to be able to get to know a product without committing to the entire price tag. That is why the lack of pressure with BoxyCharm is definitely worth a mention.

Sure, BoxyCharm may flood your emails with offers to "upgrade" this or "purchase" that, but it's much easier to delete an email than it is to tell a hard-working sales person who just spent an hour doing your makeup or demonstrating cosmetics that you only want to spend $25 today or worse, "no thank you."

No one likes to be pressured to spend a ton of money on something they're not fully committed to. This is what makes BoxyCharm worth the subscription.

5. It's not hoarding if it's makeup!

Finally, the question you've all been wanting answered. Is it too much product?

My short answer is... Define "too much."

Okay, I may be on the extreme side, but as a former beauty consultant with years of experience in the industry, two of the things I miss the most are free products and the steep employee discount.

BoxyCharm is my answer to that. With this subscription I am able to keep my cosmetics abundance flowing without breaking my budget. And, actually, the discount is much better.

“BoxyCharm is a great, inexpensive way to build your makeup collection. Your collection will allow you to have different colors, textures, and styles to try while you're perfecting you technique and learning about multiple brands."

Of course there is the drawback of not being able to choose your own products, but there are definitely hacks and ways to get around this. (Trust me boo, I got you.)

I usually store the items that I don't need or want in my "Beauty Trove." Then I use them to gift to family and friends and sometimes even clients.

Another alternative is having a "subscriber swap party." This is when you get together with a group of friends who also have subscription services, and swap products that you don't need or want. All you need is your unwanted products, wine and some good music and it becomes a whole party.

So in the end...

BoxyCharm is a great way to explore, practice and experience cosmetics for just $5 a product. In addition, one of the best thing about BoxyCharm is the minimal commitment. If you ever feel like you have grown tired of endless deliveries of high-end beauty products, you can always cancel your subscription.

Keeping it 100, if you like cosmetics or if you're looking for ways to explore different colors, looks or brands, then BoxyCharm is for you.

If you're interested in using the service feel free to use my referral link. I receive "charms" if you do.

xoxo - Rue Hite

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1 Comment

Natalie Hoebing
Natalie Hoebing
Mar 02, 2021

Boxy Charm is the best!!! It’s like Christmas once a month. 100% agree with everything here.

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