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10 Things to do in Nashville, TN - Nashville Drinks

So, you've perused through my suggestions on Nashville experiences and food, and you've made it to one of my favorite parts of Nashville. THE DRINKS! In this post I'll be sharing where you can wet your whistle by covering all of the places I visited to sip adult beverages in music city. *This is a non-sponsored post.

As mentioned previously, my post on this beautiful city got a little lengthy so I decided to break it up into three parts: Nashville Experiences, Nashville Drinks, and Nashville Eats.

During the third and final installment of this series, I will be sharing what Nashville has to offer on the beverage scene. Major shout out to Robin Girdler, my co-photographer, for some of the beautiful bev-shots included in this post. Without further ado, enjoy the conclusion of my 10 Things to do in Nashville list.

8. Go to Attaboy for Cocktails

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a sucker for a hard-to-get-in speakeasy that serves on-demand palate-inspired craft cocktails. So when I heard about Attaboy I was sold. Attaboy is that place.

Another “ace in the whole” spot that only a seasoned local would know about, Attaboy is a quaint and cozy cocktail bar perfect for those who appreciate the true craft behind an artisan cocktail.

With its original location in New York, Attaboy has mastered the combo of exclusivity and exceptional quality. Just like its NY counterpart, this place is super “speakeasy-ish” and only allows tables of up to 6, which was perfect for our group.

As Nashville’s anchor for being home of the modern craft cocktail movement, Attaboy has a unique and sultry vibe. There are no menus; you simply tell your server what you like, gin vs. vodka, lavender as opposed to rosemary, etcetera, etcetera, and before you know it, you are presented with the ultimate hand-crafted cocktail that will most probably never be created for you again outside of Attaboy’s walls.

Listen... doors open at 5PM and the place is first come first serve so get their early (very VIP #annadelvey). Just so you know, we got there around 4:30 and there was already a line. Do yourself a favor, add this to your Nashville must-do list.

9. Visit a Distillery… or three!

You can rely on all of my trips to include a visit to a local distillery, winery or brewery. I approach these visits as if they are my civic duty. I was pleasantly surprised by a last-minute trip to what I have affectionately named Nashville’s “Distillery Row” but they call it Marathon Village. It was here that I had so much fun I almost missed my flight home lol.

It’s such a cute and walkable area and it’s kind of like an indoor mall filled with distilleries, wine shops and souvenir boutiques. That said, here are the spots I got to visit while galivanting around Marathon Village:

  • Whiskey’s were so nice, I had to do them twice! #goodstuff

  • Rich in history; do the tour/tasting to learn the serendipitous story behind the distillery

  • Learn how to chew your whiskey from the experts

  • A slew of tasty, flavored whiskeys

  • Features free samples

  • A great place to pick up souvenirs to take home

  • Cute little distillery

  • The music was a whole vibe here… just a guy, a laptop and his playlist

  • Offers tours and tastings

  • Features craft cocktail list using fresh ingredients, signature sprits and natural herbs

  • Apparently has some really great pizza (I'll have to find out next time)

In addition to the above mentioned distilleries, there was also a cute little wine shop that offered a (I believe) $5 wine tasting. I can't remember the name of it, but it is a stones throw from Tennessee Legend. Needless to say, I was well into my "tasting marathon" in Marathon Village, so please forgive me. (And for those wondering, yes, I made my flight. :-))

10. Leave something for a return trip

With all that we accomplished during my 4-day trip to Nashville, there was still tons that I didn’t get to see or do during my trip. The best part of that is, that gives me a reason to go back!

Below is a list of must-try things to add to your list while planning your trip. Just a little inside look at what my hosts with the most shared with me that has me itching to get back to NashVegas!

Well, my friends, there you have it. My list of 10 things to do in Nashville. I do hope this post has inspired you to book a trip to this lovely city. Have you been to Nashville? If so, drop some of your favorite places to go while there in the comments section and I may add them to the list!

Cheers to my next adventure and my next post, which, by the way, will be about my recent trip to St. Lucia!

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Jul 08, 2022

Thanks for the deets on Nashville!! Now it’s on my visit list!! ✨✨✨

Jul 08, 2022
Replying to

Excellent! Keep me posted!


Jul 08, 2022

Loved reading everything Rue! Can’t wait to try another city with you!

Jul 08, 2022
Replying to

So much fun! Til our next adventure!

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